Who we are.

We are a tech company that has automated the funding process. Through implementation of machine learning and other cutting edge technology, we have created the most powerful funding app.

Take control of your finances and get the funding you need with our one-stop platform.

Traditional funding meets Unparalleled tech.

  • Automated funding1Our tech is built from the ground up to streamline the funding process. This means quick turnaround, and no file downtime.
  • Artificial INTELLIGENCE1Our combination of superior data and machine learning translates to optimized funding plans, maximum funding, and minimal credit ding.
  • We Do the Heavy Lifting So You Don’t Have to1Our powerful analytics keep you updated in real time. Our one-stop-shop dashboard keeps track of your credit, helps you learn financial tips, and gets you access to the best funding.
  • Our Underwriters are Machine, Our Customer Service is Human1No high-pressure salesmen or human underwriters means we save money and pay maximum attention to you. Our in-house customer support is fully trained to help.

Better for everyone.

We provide solutions for both individual and enterprise clients -- whether you are looking to secure funding for yourself, or your organization is looking to help clients secure funding.

For Individuals

  • Best funding available
  • Simple interface
  • Fast results
  • Minimal fees

For Enterprise

  • Increase revenue
  • Increase conversion
  • Keep clients in house
  • Offer financing in-house

SelfStart for Enterprise.

Our enterprise platform provides your organization with the tools to offer and track client funding in-house. Unlimited clients. Nationwide.

  • Built for Enterprise1With a deep understanding of both customer and enterprise needs, SelfStart is built with powerful tools designed to cut cost, increase productivity, and offer the best possible funding available.
  • Automated Funding Process1Human underwriters are a thing of the past. Our technology delivers more powerful funding results in 30 minutes or less.
  • Dashboard & Analytics1Fund your clients, keep track of their funding progress, and receive top-notch customer service through our cutting edge dashboard.
  1. 1Maximized Client Buying PowerWhether for debt consolidation, schooling, or an investment, rest assured every user receives an optimal funding plan for maximum buying power.
  2. 2Superior Customer ServiceWith no high-commission salesmen, underwriters, or marketers; we are entirely dedicated to perfecting our craft and providing world-class customer service.
  3. 3White Label PlatformDrastically increase the productivity and value of your company by offering funding in-house with your branding.
  • No Client Volume Limitations1With all preliminary technical needs prioritized and accounted for, simultaneously fund as many clients as needed. We are built for scale.

How we compare with the competition.

Automated Funding Process
Dashboard and Analytics
Superior Customer Service
Optimized Client Financing Enterprise
Unlimited Client Volume Enterprise
White Label Platform Enterprise

Led by an Innovative Team.

Daryl kemsley.

Cryptocurrency investor, tech entrepreneur, and avid public speaker. Co-founder and business strategist of a series of companies ranging from FinTech to Brick & Mortar.

Zac Hinde.

With a decade of experience in funding, Zac co-founded, underwrote, and operated a funding company valuated at $5M in just six months.

Jai Bhavnani.

Serial entrepreneur with a gen-Z perspective, Jai most recently sold his cryptocurrency based startup, Ambo, to the blockchain conglomerate MyCrypto.

Trent Sims.

An online marketing expert. Trent brought three different brands from zero to eight-figure businesses. Fifteen-time ClickFunnels two-comma club award winner.

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